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Parowan Petrogylphs

parowan_gapParowan Gap Petroglyphs are located west of the city of Parowan, UT, about 30 minutes from The Iron Gate Inn B&B.

Parowan Gap has two features of distinction, one natural, one man-made. The pass near Parowan is a classic example of a wind gap, an unusual geological landform marking where an ancient river has cut a 600-foot-deep notch through the Red Hills. 

The site of the Gap is also the location of one of only a handful of natural calendars on earth recording the seasons as the sun passes through the canyon and across the markers on the landscape. 

PetrogylphsSecondly, the gap is a nationally recognized extravaganza of petroglyphs -- a superb "gallery" of Native American rock art. Here one can witness what is at least a 1,000 year accumulation of art work pecked into the rock. Geometric designs, images of lizards, snakes, mountain sheep, bear claws and human figures adorn the smooth canyon walls of the pass.


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